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→ Live Alive - Roar (Katy Perry Cover)

My band just released a new music video for our cover of Katy Perry’s song “Roar”. If you have the time check it out, it’s not a stupid breakdown cover with auto tune clean vocals, we put a lot of time and thought and money into this so if you can pass this around it would be real cool.

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I’m really glad to see you happy 

I’m so better off alone

I’m not a fucking therapist, I’m not here to solve your problems, I can barely handle my own fucking problems let alone 50 other peoples, and just because I don’t want to help you don’t get mad, don’t come to me whining about your problems and I already fucking told you what to do, yet you still don’t want to fucking listen. I’m done solving anyone’s problems that don’t have anything to deal with me, I’m not living anybody’s life for them, if your life sucks. Fix it, if you don’t feel like fixing it eat a fat fucking dick and don’t come back to me because i’m sick of everyone’s shit.